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The global financial system is changing under our own eyes.  Transactions in blockchain are growing every day. 

Why? The main advantages of the leading crypto-currencies are high protection, decentralization and anonymity.

Mining is necessary

A lot of leading crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Manero, Ethereum and other are used Blockchain technology.  The technology use an unique addresses, which grupped blocks for the money transfer and contracting.   All of blocks are interrelated with each other. For the generation new blocks you should be mine. This process names mining.  

The mining is a necessary condition for  a lot of blockchains systems.  

The mining used to computing power. Since the onset of  blockchain systems are used personal computers, but some later the spectrum devices have been broader.  

The tradition equipment for the crypro mining:

  • Computers; CPU
  • Graffics card , GPU
  • Traditional farms (the multiple devices systems)

The unique arrangement from Maxwell Group Consulting

Miner’s people have a lot of problems for the crypto-mining when they use usual computers: 

  • High equipment's price
  • The price for the electricity higher and higher every day
  • The currency fluctuation

The company Maxwell Group Consulting Ltd. (MGC) is a professional to selling crypto-currencies couples.  An important accent  is an mobile mining and mobile farms in a 2018 year.  

MGC propose a new mining method without traditional mining problems – it is a project BatMiner.

This project include two components: it’s a mobile application BatMiner and BatMiner Network infrastructure.

The equipment for this project using a mobile devices which make small and big subnets. The equipments price and electricity consumption are minimal because using mobile devices which conecting to the Network.  The fluctuations in exchange rates do not affect for  mining effectiveness and profitability, so every day the most cost-effective choose for the mining. 

Mobile Mining

The Mobile App joins up with selected address and perform computer operations in your device for mining cryptocurrency.

The mobile device have a low processing power and can’t using for mining alone. BUT a set of devices should be axceed an any farm power manifold. The BatMiner mining at your device and send generation adresses to BatMiner Network. And  there efforts are being made to making several addresses sets. Your device become an additional center for the solving a heavy mathematical problem. 

The mining efficiancy with mobile devices

At this time, BatMiner to mining cryptocurrencies and using Cryptonight algorithm.  All devices can be mining Monero, Sumokoin, ElectroneumAeon and another currencies at the same time. The decide which of currencies must be mining the Network accept is taken depending on  the rate, the complexity of Network and another parameters. 

The Hashreit  –  is a performance indicators mining coins and measured in numbers of heshs (unique addresses) in one second. The usual not expensive smartphone on average has 30-50 H/s.  Expensive smartphones and tablets have above 100 H/s. Modern farms which using Cryptonight algorithmmining from 2000 to 4000 H/s. Not big Network with 100 devices can be compared with usual farm. 

  • The building such networks
  • The mining famous currencies
  • High total heshreit
  • An even distribution of capacity
  • The domestic currency Maxwell Coin
  • Easy withdrawals

The infrastructure of BatMiner Network

This project include two components: it’s a mobile application BatMiner and BatMiner Network infrastructure. The Mobile Application is conected with suitable address and send their results to the Network.

In the BatMiner Network is a term – host. Host is a piese of the Network, which have one or more hosts. At first, your device is a Network with one host.  Whn you enter to your account the Network make unique adress for you and you can send it to your friend. After them your friends can followed your host.     

You can download mobile application for few devices. As example, you can use phone and tablet and you can bind both devices to your account. So, it’ s can make your heshreit higher. 

The second level it’s devices which connected to your device. Devices which connected to these addresses fell into 3nd host’s level. Similar to that are building forth and fifth hosts level. 

You need to connect more than 10 devices to each host for the harmonious of power capacity.   Your personal devices at the first level placed on a peak of your Network.  You use 25% of your device capacity for profit from mining. Another 75% of your capacity  shall be borne by higher rank hosts.The second level’s hosts shell be use 20% of their capacity if it have more than 10 hosts.  The third level use 20% too if the second level has more than 10 hosts, if not it can use only 10%.  The fourth level’s hosts shall be give 15% of their capacity for you if it have more than 10 hosts. It’s possible if hosts at the third level use more than 100 hosts. If not the system use only 10% of fourth level’s hosts. Devices at the 5th level always give back 10% their capacity to you.   

In other words, the BatMiner NetworkIt’s a system for mutually advantageous exchange between hosts in the mining Network.

When you have connected to your account (host of the 1st level) added devices you’ll get one by 1% but not more than 10% of full Network capacity for each added device. When your host have been make 100 h/s, you’ll get 1% of full Network capacity, but not more that 10%. This system are designed so as you profitable to add new hosts to your Network and quantity of devices and heshreit  will be higher and higher in your account. 

When your host have not any swich off devices your  profit will be loss by about 30% before swich on. When you host will swich off more than one day (24 hours ) your proffit will be loss by 50%. It’s possible because your Network have lost any datas and a part of capacities for this time. 

Calculation of your profit. The example (small network)

Let us suppose, you built 1 – 10 – 100 network with averrage hashreit 100 h/s of each. In april 2018 the capacity of one host can be mining about 0.00063 BTC  or 5$ per month. For the 10 hosts in the 2nd level you’ll get 10 * (20% * 5) $ = 10$ per month. For the 100 hosts in the 3rd level you’ll get 100 * (20% * 5) $ = 100 $ . Your account have two devices with amount capacity 100 h/r. So, you’ll get 25% for them, or 1,25$ plus added 2% fro m your network. In the end, your profit will be 1,25 + 10 + 100 + (2% * 111,125) = 113,47 $. You can see your work is confined to getting funds received on your bitcoin wallet at your convenience. If you need you can change funds recieved with Maxwell Wallet to real money.

On Statistics, each people have 2 -4 devices on average and devices amount quantity has exceeded of the earth’s population. Than, we think that network  1-10-100 it’s not big network. And building this network is not difficult work which can make any user who can add 10 or more people for their network. 

Building of high-incoming networks

Sometimes, your Network is growing up without your efforts.  If this growing up slowly you can find and add new devices in the different Network’s parts.  You can use your account for data analyses. Here you can get amount hashraits,  the activity status and another hosts information. 

When have you been 1000 hosts your incomes will growing up to  1,25 + 10 + 100 + 1000 (15% * 5) + 2% * 861,25 = 878,47 $ in month. Besides, we believe in high bitcoins currency, when it will be cost 20 000 $. Then your incoming  will increase several times (predictably, 1500-2500 $).

You have to know the Network can be grow not only in height but also in wide. As example, you can add 20 hosts in 2nd level and on the 3rd level will be 300 hosts. You will be get  8000 – 9000 $ monthly with this complex hybrid network  1-20-300-2000-12000. 

You can calculated the incoming of different forms with our calculator. The calculator reflect the mining complexity, the most competitive exchange rate of coins and exchange rate between the bitcoin and dollar. 



The low equipment’s price or non-price if you use your gadget. 

The absence of any contributions

The Mobile device with system  Android 4.1 or higher – it’s all that you need for starting with BatMiner 

High hurdle rates

Your income is not limited because network will be higher and currency will grows. 

The umlimited network expansion

The opportunity to add unlimited joints. So heshreit and income grows up 

The high level data protection

All data transmitted can be deeply into a lot of hosts.  The breaking in and data treft is unreal. 

The mobility

The Mobile mining farm is not tie to the exact location. You can just have an access to the internet. 

The lowest electrical power consumption

The lowest devices power not require added payment for electricity.

The absence of taxation

Mining be taxed  in many countries. Mobile Mining not be taxed. It’s possible because any devices, which make a profit, can be located in a different habitats across the world. The real locate can’t be possible to check. Expect, hosts are not owned by their keepers.



Why is the BatMiner?

Profit Calculator

These calculation is incorrect and depand on the devices working time, complexity of crypto-mining  and currencies. For ease of reference  for growing the money we use inside currency. This currency name  Maxwell Coin (MXC). 1 MXC = 0.0000001 BTC

Important facts

The growing network BatMiner Network

0 $
0 kH/s
0 $

The mining income is calculated at every moment and tied to connected devices and size of your Network.    The Mobile App could be drawn funds for any bitcoin’s wallet. The Maxwell Wallet provides the opportunity for  changing and storage of funds. 

How can you get Maxwell Coin and Bitcoin

You can cash Maxwell Coin in Maxwell Wallet. The Bitcoin you can exchange to valid money at stock deals.